Some common questions and answers

Q: I've never ridden a horse - can you accommodate beginners?
A: Definitely - Our horses are kind & well trained. All the trails are led by us, or an experienced guide, we will not send you off with a novice trail leader. Safety is our first and foremost priority in everything we do. All rides include a brief riding orientation, and we are readily available throughout the ride should you need assistance. We can take nervous riders on a lead rein until they feel more comfortable. 

Q: Do you have a weight restriction?
A: Yes we do. Horses are frequently seen as invincible beings, but they generously carry us on their backs and it is our responsibility to ensure their comfort. Weight restrictions are important for rider safety too. We can safely accommodate a maximum  80  kgs. We may request guests are weighed on arrival should we feel we have been given inaccurate information. 

Q: How many people go out on each ride?
A: The ride is about  you and that is why you will not find yourself in massive groups of strangers going out for a ride, Rides are exclusive only taking up to four guests at the time. 

Q: Can we ride out on our own, without a guide?
A: For safety reasons, all of our rides are guided as there is no option to ride on your own.

Q: Do you have helmets?
A: Yes we have a selection of helmets available at no extra cost. All riders must wear a safety helmet.

Q: what ages can rides be. 
Our lodge is adult only and therefore we can only offer horse rides from the age of 16. However we may be able to bend this rule if you book the lodge out of exclusive hire. 

Q: Can my child ride with me on my horse? (Private lodge hire) 
A: Unfortunately not, this is not safe and not permitted.

Q: What should I wear? 
A: We suggest wearing closed toe shoes that have small heel and are secure to your feet simply so they won't fall off during the ride. Avoid wearing very wide boots or trainers so they don't jam in the stirrups. We also suggest long comfortable pants (trousers for our UK guests )

:-)   without zips, buttons etc on the inner leg. Long socks under your trousers can help with chafing if you are doing a longer ride. Shorts are not recommended even in the summer and open toed shoes are not allowed near the horses. Also, please keep in mind that you cannot carry anything loose or cumbersome as backpacks or handbags. We do not provide lockers. Be sure all hats, visors, caps and clothing are snug and fit securely.

Q: Can I bring my pet?
A: Unfortunately not, due to wildlife, livestock and travelling past other homesteads with their own resident dogs, we cannot accommodate any pets at Qambathi or on the trails.

Q: Do you offer riding instruction?
A: Yes we do! Many of our guests find that they really start enjoying the horse ride more once they have some basics in place and return for a course of instruction. We usually recommend 2 or 3 days depending on your fitness. Tuition packages include riding lessons followed by "putting it into practice" on the trail. Let us arrange a package for you.

Q: I am an experienced rider and do not want to just plod  do you offer an 'experienced' ride?
A:  Yes indeed, we cater for all levels and abilities. Our horse trail rides are very scenic and the longer trails are through some challenging scenery and we believe that much of the experience of the ride is to enjoy spectacular views and the tranquility of nature, while learning about the environment. However our longer trails include trot and canter sections, ideal for the riders who like to feel the freedom of open spaces. We always adjust the speed of the ride to suit the guest and horse, please do not overestimate your riding ability. 

Q: What are your opening hours?
A: We are open 7 days a week throughout the year, weather permitting. Our trail times vary according to the season and we will confirm this with you at the time of booking. Please note all horse rides are by appointment only. 

Q: Do you have credit card facilities?
A:indeed, we can also take  payment  via EFT, Zapper or cash. (Rand only) 

Q: Do you offer private rides/tours?
A: Yes we do - these are always costed on an individual basis depending on the number of participants and the final itinerary. We can arrange picnic and sunset rides or a rendezvous at a romantic spot.. just let us know and we will try to arrange it!

Q: When is the best time to visit Qambathi 
its a  pleasure to visit throughout the year. Summer months are from December to April, keep in mind that the days can be very hot for riding between December and March, which is why we like to make an early or late start. Whilst rainy days might cancel some days riding, we love the the turn of the seasons and there is nothing quite like the sunshine on wintery days, the weather is cool and the country side covered in a very dry, rustic look , the spring flowers start appearing from  October. Winter months almost promise sunny days but the mornings and evenings are very chilly. 

Contact us    

+27 (0)82 774 8164  or  +27 (0)66 002 4852

Snail mail:  PO Box 11293, Kamberg, KZN, 3300, South Africa  

 How to find us: 


Qambathi Mountain Lodge, Mpofana Road, Kamberg Valley Drakensberg, Kwazulu-Natal

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