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 “Working together to enrich lives” 

FREEME Wildlife  is a centre for sick, injured, or orphaned wildlife situated near Howick in the Kwazulu-Natal Midlands. Its rehabilitation facility is equipped for the medical treatment and ongoing care of patients, with the goal of successfully rehabilitating them back into their natural environments. FREEME Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre is officially permitted by Ezemvelo KZN Wildlife to treat all indigenous wildlife: mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians, and invertebrates.  An average of 2000 patients is admitted annually, among them Threatened or Protected Species (ToPS)  FREEME Wildlife is committed to engaging with the public on all aspects of wildlife conservation, protection, and preservation.  All treatment is free of charge and FREEME Wildlife depends on the support of its community and business sponsors to enable it to continue its work.  For FREEME Wildlife to maintain its mandate to rescue, rehabilitate and release wildlife, and expand its research, education, and outreach projects, it needs sustainable support.  

Why is Qambathi and FREEME Wildlife partners 

Not many people know this but when Stephen and I considered moving to South Africa we really wanted to set up a lodge in a big 5 game reserve as we were passionate about creating a safe place for wildlife. Big 5 may get all the attention but it's all wildlife big as well as the small that create the perfect balance and harmony in nature. I can't remember how we became aware of FREEME Wildlife but we knew we needed the guidance and help in running our small reserve. We invited Tammy and Wade over a couple of months after taking over Qambathi and their passion and raw unbroken principles in what is the right way to manage wildlife, the sheer knowledge and commitment they have to all animals, well that was just music to our ears. It did not take us long to try and think of ways we could get involved and help support an amazing organisationn such as FREEME Wildlife 

FreeMe Wildlife KZN

FreeMe Wildlife KZN

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So how can you get involved 


Just by staying at Qambathi you are already helping. Qambathi is an extremely proud Corporate Custodian. Every month Qambathi Pledges a small amount of its profits to FREEME Wildlife. Also as part of our commitment to wildlife, Qambathi is part of FREEME Wildlife release site programs. It is so exciting to dedicate the entire Qambathi Reserve to wildlife, big and small and as a safe zone to all animals, FREEME Wildlife has a secure and natural place to release animals which have been rehabilitated back into the wild.  If that is not enough, Qambathi also adds an extreamly small levy to each booking, but this small levy has a massive impact to the animals at FREEME Wildlife. Every month 100% of this levy is passed over to FREEME Wildlife.  We are deeply passionate about conservation and the work that FREEME Wildlife do. We would like to encourage you to watch the above video and to pop over the FREEME Wildlife website to learn more about the amazing work they do and how to become a Custodian.

Follow the story of FREEME Wildlife first release at Qambathi 

When Stephen and I decided we wanted to move to South Africa wildlife conservation has been the thing that would set our souls on fire. We were lucky enough to purchase Qambathi which was already an established small reserve. After our move we very quickly became aware of FREEME Wildlife and the amazing work that they do. 2020 marked a huge milestone as we get to provide a home for one of the FREEME Wildlife Servals. I cannot explain the feeling of seeing that cat run into the wild with words. All I can say is that the world needs more organisations like FREEME Wildlife and we can all do our bit by supporting them in any way that we can.

Please follow the link below for the full Serval story

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