Lodge Manger  & Co Chef

Meet Our Manager and back up chef, Fungai. She started her career at Qambathi in 2012 and I don’t believe that there is a job at the lodge that she hasn’t done, from housekeeping, through front of house and being a chef to now proudly a Manageress. Fungai knows the lodge like the back of her hand and was absolutely instrumental in the success of Qambathi, and so helpful in our first days of taking over the lodge where we didn’t know where anything was 😂 Fungai is from Zimbabwe and is a proud mum of two amazing boys. She always has a smile on her face and loves working with people and going the extra mile to make our guests feel welcome.



Head Chef

We are super excited to introduce our new chef,  Nomonde! She has fitted in so well at Qambathi and with our team we feel like she has always been a part of the family. Her recipes are already legendary and we had most wonderful feedback about her talent for cooking from our guests. Quick with a wit she has the ability to keep Mandoza in check😆 and that’s a talent on its own



Front of House & Wine Master

Mandoza is such a special soul at Qambathi. He walked down our driveway looking for work a couple of days after we took over the lodge and his smile and sincerity quickly crawled into our hearts. Mandoza very quickly progressed from our gardener through general assistant and now our front of house and wine expert. Make sure you ask for the details of what has grown to be know as “Mandoza story” next time you stay at Qambathi. 


Farm & Maintenance 

Slash or Long Legs looks after the lodge grounds, farm equipment and vehicles. Also taking care of the general maintenance, working in the background but as important to the guest experience as our lodge staff. 


General Assistant 

Nhlanhlo is definitely a Magic Maker at Qambathi. If you ever wondered who set up your room so beautifully for your romantic arrival or who is a master at romantic turndown look no further! Nhlanhlo also known as Shosho for those of us who struggle with our Zulu pronunciation is also an assistant to the chef- but we do keep her away from the chilli as she grew up in Durban and sometimes thinks we can all take the heat.


House Keeper

Nonko for short, this lady is our main housekeeper. Nonko takes her job very seriously and is a perfectionist. 


 House Keeper

Thabile, is very cheeky but full of spank. Thabile's nickname is Lwa and helps our housekeeping team on busy days. 


Farm and Maintenance  

Our most senior member of the team. Khwezi has a real presence and is well respected in the community. Khwezi takes care of our lodge grounds including general maintenance. 


House Keeper

Ningi is our newest member of the team. Ningi's main responsibility is to keep all the lodge sheets, linen, and towels in tip top condition. Ninki also supports the House Keeping team durning busy days


House Keeper,  Nanny and Veg grower 

The reason why Stephen and Nadia are still sane :-). Zinzi looks after the private residence and is Maya's second mom. Zinzi has also taken the lead on our new lodge veg garden  


Game Keeper

Sbu takes care of fences and counts all the reserves animals. He also checks on them to make sure all our animals are healthy and safe. Sbu also manages the reserves fire breaks, grass management and keeps a look out in the evenings. 


Guest relations Officer

Milo is the first to great all our guests and is always happy to show the guests around. He is also the  lead guide for hikes and will show you all the best routes. Milo takes payment in belly rubs and bacon.