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Updated: Dec 7, 2020

A new lease of life at Qambathi Mountain Lodge

Posted On : May 7, 2019 Published By : Carmen

A decidedly different Safari

Getting to Qambathi Mountain Lodge through the Kamberg Valley is a scenic if decidedly dodgey journey. When I say dodgey, I mean it literally. The road has clearly taken a beating of late and potholes abound, sometimes bringing you to a halt to try and figure out how to traverse sections of road. That being said, it affords you the time to look around and appreciate the vistas that the Kamberg serves up.

New owners, Nadia and Steve, originally were interested in developing and running a Safari Lodge in the Dundee area but heard that Qambathi was on the market. On further inspection, they proceeded to fall in love with the Lodge and surrounding areas. The Lodge has since had a new lease of life injected into its hospitality veins with both the experience and enthusiasm that has come with the ownership of Nadia and Steve.

Where is Qambathi?

Follow the Rosetta Road for 29,2 km along scenic (and potholed) road and take the left turn onto the Mpofana Road (signposted as the Kamberg Rock Art Center). Travel for 2 km and the entrance to Qambathi is on your right along with views of the valley and mountain.