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Top 5 things to do at Qambathi Mountain Lodge

Winter is a very special time in the Drakensberg with cold frosty mornings and crisp evenings and generally beautiful clear mild days perfect for exploring the area. On the cards is hiking and having gorgeous coffee by the fire and occasionally the days even get warm enough to laze around the pool. So what is there to do during winter when visiting Qambathi? We have put together a list of 5 things that our guests have told us they enjoy the most.

Our guests top 5 things to do at Qambathi Mountain Lodge

Wine tasting with our wine guide, Mandoza This is one of those must do activities regardless if you are a wine expert or not. We will usually open 3 bottles of white and 3 bottles of red wine (and a bottle of bubbles of course). You will learn the art of wine tasting using the method of 5 S's, which are see, swirl, sniff, sip and savour. By the end of the tasting you will be able to determine how different grape varieties taste as well as how to pick a good bottle with dinner at a restaurant or generally in a bottle store. Fun and informative Mandoza’s passion for wine is bound to get everyone enthusiastic and enjoying looking and sounding posh when you go back home and impress your friends at your next dinner party.

Private horseback trail ride Our surefooted and beautiful Appaloosas are your best Drakensberg guide. Our Stud manager Sian will take you on a private horse ride on the mountain, where viewpoints from the peaks of Giant’s Castle and Kamberg Valley can be enjoyed. You will also be able to spot the wildlife of the reserve as being used to horses they don’t tend to run away. You are bound to come back from your ride with a smile on your face enjoying becoming a cowboy or cowgirl for the day.

Hiking at the Kamberg Rock Art Centre. San Bushmen have lived in the Kamberg area for centuries and they left an important mark etched into the caves in the Berg. Undoubtedly the most important one at the Game Pass Shelter at Kamberg Nature Reserve. The three panels become a Rosetta Stone for all San Bushmen art. It is from them we can begin to decipher other art around the country. A low to medium difficulty 8km hike will take you through Kamberg Reserve, under a waterfall and you will be guided by one of the local community guides who will tell you all about the local area and it’s people and will explain the history of the Rock Art and the bushmen.

Leisurely Picnic in the Gardens This has become a favourite pastime for many. A selection of locally made cheeses from Gourmet Greek and the most beautiful Charcuterie from Esposito Foods is a feast to behold. Coupled with a bottle of Vondeling wine it’s just our favourite way to eat and drink! Take your time, taste, and enjoy the sounds of nature, many have taken an afternoon nap under the trees straight after the picnic, after all at Qambathi time seems to go slowly between one gorgeous meal to the next.

Birding It is not true that you have to retire and start getting grey hair to enjoy birding. Birding can be such an enjoyable pastime for any age, nationality and gender. With many species found at Qambathi and especially the very rare Bearded Vulture you can sip a gin and tonic on the pool deck and try to identify different birds flying in and out of the trees around our Qambathi Gardens. It really is the vest way to enjoy a little free time and keep yourself occupied without having to break a sweat. Next time you visit give it a try it can become quite addictive and next thing you know you will be able to tell a difference between a Drakensberg Siskin and a Familiar Chat.

We are also very excited to let you know that you can now escape the load shedding at Qambathi as we are completely off grid and said goodbye to Eskom for good. Thank you for your continued support it means the world to our little business and to all of our staff Nadia and Stephen

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