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Sustainable travel is about preserving the environment, engaging in meaningful community upliftment projects, and contributing to vital conservation initiatives. Understanding this helps us to be more intuitive about the impact our travels have on the places we visit. It’s estimated that tourism accounts for 1 in 10 jobs globally and employs hundreds of millions of people. Choosing the right place in Africa to visit is a powerful way of making your travel spend matter.

Qambathi Mountain Lodge  is one of the top eco lodges in the Drakensberg  

  • Eco-friendly design and materials – ‘touch the earth lightly’ was the guiding principle of the construction of the lodge and sustainable materials were used throughout.

  • Renewable energy – 100% of the power demand at Qambathi  is met by clean solar energy. Less diesel consumption and a much quieter environment for staff are just two of the benefits of this system.

  • Conservation – We are a dedicated team whose sole focus is to preserve the land and help to increase wildlife populations. 

  • Community empowerment 

  • plastic-free

  • Organic produce – One of the most rewarding  projects at Qambathi  is the Herbs and Vegetable Garden. 

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